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One of the aims of the ENPI-SEIS process is to facilitate the exchange of experience and good practices between the experts and institutions in the field of information sharing. This will allow to gradually develop and integrate elements of the available data and information nodes into an extended shared environmental information system.

The purpose of this task is to connect existing national/regional systems and to facilitate data and information sharing at various levels using existing systems based on the SEIS principles.

In working together with both environmental and statistical networks to reach this objective, a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the various national players can be achieved, as well as an sustained long-term cooperation. To ensure and reinforce the relationship between the two networks, joint capacity building activities (workshops, country visits etc.), both at national and regional levels have been organised, focusing on data exchange methods as well as on data integration and data policy.

In order to facilitate the implementation of the above objective, Working groups on Information Technologies were created in both ENPI-South and ENPI-East regions.

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