News 2015/01/22 EEA/Eionet visit to Tbilisi, 24-26 February 2015

Following on the commitment given by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection (MENRP) of Georgia to further implement SEIS at national level, it was agreed between the EEA and MENRP to share experience with the aim at boosting capacities of the Environmental Information and Education centre (EIEC).

Assessing the advancements made since the visit to the EEA in November 2014 and holding a “hands-on training” on the production of the national state of the environment report (SOER) are the objectives of the EEA/Eionet visit at the end of February 2015.

The focus of the training will be to guide national thematic experts in the understanding of the production steps of a modern SOER and use of indicators to prepare a sound assessment.

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Contact: Inese Podgaiska

Release date 22/01/2015

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