News 2014/02/17 Conclusions from the national SEIS workshop in Armenia

Armenia decided to grant the Agency access to Air Quality and Climate Change data. Technicalities related to data provision will be further discussed between the national data reporter and the EEA experts. This decision is an important step towards a formalized cooperation, which both parties agreed to seal in spring 2014.

Further, at the workshop conducted by the EEA on 29-31 January 2014, it was concluded, that all of the 11 priority datasets are available in Armenia and potentially can be shared internationally, including with EEA. However, the level of information and detail varies significantly, and for some datasets major improvements are needed. To tackle these gaps, the EEA was called upon to provide capacity building and trainings on data management, including data reporting and sharing.

Moreover, the need to adopt appropriate legislative and regulatory framework for establishment data sharing and information exchange mechanism was underlined.

Referring to the establishment of a national SEIS coordinating body, participants stressed the role and potential of the Intergovernmental Ecology Council of Armenia and called for further strengthening of its capacities.

In conjunction with the national workshop, training on Reportnet, Eionet’s infrastructure for supporting and improving data and information flows, was conducted for national experts. The training allowed participants to get familiar with the system and covered all steps from creating an information envelope to releasing it.

Release date 17/02/2014

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