News 2014/10/07 Armenia and Moldova are committed to continue the cooperation with EEA

Armenia and the Republic of Moldova are the next two countries to sign the Letter of Intent with the EEA on the implementation of SEIS. Armenia signed the Letter of Intent in July and the Republic of Moldova - in September 2014.The decision to formalise the cooperation with EEA was taken at the national workshops conducted in the first half of 2014.

Currently, the EEA and Armenia are developing the ENPI-SEIS pilot project: SEIS Lake Sevan. This pilot project aims at developing and testing a model/mechanism to allow the integration of datasets from a variety of sources, as a step towards regular data sharing among key partners at national level.

For the Republic of Moldova, the EEA and Eionet will deploy their expertise with the aim to improve national capacities in developing the integrated information system, producing regular indicator-based state-of-the-environment reports and establishing environment protection agency.

Georgia and Belarus formalised the cooperation with the EEA in the first trimester of 2014.

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Release date 07/10/2014

Please note that this information has expired.