News 2014/02/11 A Pollutant Release and Transfer Register Website for Israel

Release date 11/02/2014


Israel’s Pollutant Release and Transfer Register was officially launched on December 1, 2013.  For the first time, data on 114 pollutants released to air, water, sea and soil or transferred offsite for treatment and disposal of waste and waste-water, were published on a dedicated website (in Hebrew) of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (

The data are based on reports received from some 430 facilities, including industrial plants in the energy, chemistry, metals, food and beverages, minerals and other sectors, landfills and transfer stations, wastewater treatment plants, and agricultural facilities for the intensive rearing of poultry and pigs. The reports were checked and analyzed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection prior to publication for both completeness and quality.

The launch of Israel’s PRTR was facilitated by international developments: the country’s commitments to the OECD and its accession to the UNECE Kiev Protocol in January 2013 and local development: the enactment of the Environmental Protection (Releases and Transfers to the Environment – Reporting and Registering Obligations) Law in April 2012. The law requires facilities with significant impact on the environment to report on their emissions of 114 pollutants – 88 pollutants emitted to air and 94 pollutants emitted to water, sea and soil, as well as on their transfers of waste. 

The Hebrew website is searchable according to such parameters as facility, sector, pollutant, group of pollutants, location and medium. Information on each facility including name, type of activity and contact details is available along with the reported data.  With a mere click of the mouse, each and every resident of the country can now obtain reliable information about the environment in which he or she lives.

An annual report which summarizes and analyses the reports is available in English on the ministry's website (

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