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The First IT Working Group meetng for the ENPI-East region: Workshop on data gaps, metadata and Reportnet, was held on 18-19 April 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark.

It was organised to identify options and issues in relation to dataflow requirements, to assess the national situation on possible gaps or accessibility problems arising from technical or institutional structures on dataflow, to give the participants an introduction to Reportnet and other relevant EEA tools - in order to assist them in using these systems for future reporting.

The participants of the meeting agreed to support the indicator development process by assisting UNECE JTF members in filling in the on-line questionnaire on indicators to be reviewed at the coming UNECE Joint Task Force meeting. They also agreed to voluntarily test the use of EEA Reportnet system.

Quick access to the meeting documents is available below:

1. Agenda (EN, RU)

2. Information sheet (EN, RU)

3. Background note (EN, RU)

4. Presentations

5. Workshop Minutes (EN, RU)

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