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The geographical area covered by the project is laid out in regulation EC/1638/2006 establishing a European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI).

The six partner countries of the Eastern Partnership are: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. The Russian Federation was included in the ENPI-SEIS project as a strategic partner, but formally opted out of the project in September 2013. 

The ENPI East partner countries have a long history of monitoring and collecting environmental data and information and also a long-standing cooperation with the EEA, stemming from the preparation of four pan-European assessment reports within the context of the “Environment for Europe” process. However, major challenges still exist regarding the management of environmental data and information.

To this end, the development and gradual implementation of SEIS in the region, in line with the EU approach and developments in the EEA member and cooperating countries, is regarded as desirable and appropriate. This is aimed to facilitate the establishment of relevant data flows and enable the production and maintenance of a core set of environmental indicators for the region, comparable and compatible with the EEA core set of indicators. The indicator work for the ENPI East was developed on the basis of the EECCA methodological guidelines, which were developed with the support of UNECE and UNEP within the TACIS framework.

The improvement of capacities in data management at national level requires a broad collaboration among the national competent authorities, and particularly with national statistical offices. The establishment of an environmental information system for the region in line with the European approach (SEIS) could provide reliable data and information and indicators as a basis for evaluating progress of the state of the environment at various levels (from regional to pan-European) and for supporting the implementation of various national and international commitments and targets. 

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