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As a continuation of the on-going H2020 RMR sub-group, the objective of the Working Group (WG) on environmental indicators is:

i) to identify a list of potential indicators to provide a consistent baseline of information from across the region to measure and compare progress made under the Horizon 2020 initiative and to support the process of regular reporting on the Mediterranean, and

ii) to support the supply of information, which allows a greater variety and depth of information, experiences and good (and bad) practices to be shared (e.g. development of country profile).

The WG should identify indicators among indicators already collected and develop them into a core set with pilot collection of data from the Mediterranean partner countries in 2012. This set should comprise indicators in line with the agreed thematic priorities for ENPI-SEIS cooperation and encompass indicators for which there is good and comparable data in the target countries, possibly related to national and international environmental reporting obligations in order to contribute to the establishment of a Shared Environmental Information Systems in the region.

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1st meeting of the Working Group on Environmental Indicators (18 April 2012, Barcelona)

2nd meeting of the Working Group on Environmental Indicators (10 - 11 October 2012, Copenhagen)

3rd meeting of the Working Group on Environmental Indicators (5 March 2013, Dublin)

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