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Following it mandate of monitoring The Horizon 2020 Review, Monitoring and Research (RMR) group has the mandate to monitor progress of the implementation of H2020 Initiative through the development of common indicators and shared information systems that support a mechanism for regular reporting on environmental issues.

The H2020 indicators selected during the first phase of the initiative (2007-2013) are :


1. Municipal waste generation - With additional information on municipal waste composition

2. Collected and treated municipal waste - With additional information on: Number, type and location of landfills


3.    Share of total, urban and rural population with access to an improved sanitation system

4.    Volume of wastewater collected, of which volume of wastewater treated, including type of treatment.

5.  Nutrient concentrations in transitional, coastal and marine waters

Industrial Emissions:

6.  Release of toxic substances and nutrients from industrial sectors

For each indicators, detailed Indicator Specification Factsheets has been developed, in which the methodological aspects, such as definition, units, geographical and temporal coverage, methods for gap filling and uncertainties are clearly documented.

A preliminary assessment of those indicators has been carried out, based on the data and information provided and shared by the ENPI-SEIS South partner countries for the first H2020 reporting exercice and preparation of the H2020 assessment report.

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