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One of the key objectives of the ENPI-SEIS process is to establish regular data and information flows under H2020 initiative able to ensure the production of the selected indicators, and assist in fulfilling the related national and international reporting obligations.

The aim of this task is to assist the participating countries in establishing reliable, comparable and timely data and information flows to feed the production of the selected Horizon 2020 indicators (further made available and shared through a SEIS compliant system). This task will equally involve relevant regional organisations aiming to strengthen their capacity of exchanging, processing, storing, quality checking and validating the national data as basis for regional aggregation and reporting. As in the previous task a key role in this activity is expected to be played by the statistical offices, as holders of most of the environmental data. In working together with both environmental and statistical networks under this objective, a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the various national players can be achieved, as well as an improved cooperation into the future. To reinforce the relationship between the two networks, joint capacity building activities (workshops, country visits etc.), both at national and regional levels, will be organized, focusing on data production and exchange methods as well as on data management and integration.

Data collection for environmental assessment and reporting is an essential process but implies extensive time and resources. Environmental data and information are stored in different repositories. Therefore, in order to be used, they need first to be identified, validated, organized and made accessible in a structured and coherent way.

One of the aims of the present project is to use the existing available data and information (from many different sources, including monitoring and research activities), and to make them available for environmental assessment and management purposes.

In order to facilitate the implementation of these objectives the Working group on Environmental indicators was created for the ENPI-South, which in the ENPI-East the same type of work is being conducted in close cooperation with the Joint Task Force at UNECE.

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