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The list below captures the projects and initiatives that were launched and/or on-going in the ENPI East and South regions throughout the duration of the ENPI-SEIS project.

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Type Title Restrictions Owner Modification date and time File size Edit
URL Aarhus Centres Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 16:09
URL Air Quality Governance Nataliya Jørgensen 27/06/2013, 15:16
URL Arab Environmental Information Network Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 15:36
URL Center for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE) Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 15:40
URL Clima East Nataliya Jørgensen 27/06/2013, 15:53
URL Co-investment funding in the field of water and sanitation Nataliya Jørgensen 27/06/2013, 15:20
URL DEWA/GRID-Geneva Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 16:09
URL Development of the Emerald Network in Central and Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus Nataliya Jørgensen 27/06/2013, 15:18
URL EU Water Initiative in EECCA Nataliya Jørgensen 27/06/2013, 15:54
URL Environmental Protection of International River Basins Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 15:55
URL Euro-Mediterranean Information System on know-how in the Water sector (EMWIS) Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 15:43
URL Forest Law Enforcement and Governance (FLEG) Nataliya Jørgensen 27/06/2013, 15:39
URL Forest and Biodiversity Governance including environmental monitoring (FLERMONECA) Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 16:12
URL Global Footprint Network Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 15:49
URL Greening Economies in the Eastern Neighbourhood (EaP GREEN) Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 16:10
URL Horizon 2020 Nataliya Jørgensen 27/06/2013, 15:43
URL Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development (MIO-ECSDE) Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 15:48
URL Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory Nataliya Jørgensen 27/06/2013, 15:19
URL Multi-country cooperation instruments: CBC, NIF, TWINNING, TAIEX, SIGMA Nataliya Jørgensen 27/06/2013, 15:52
URL PERSEUS (Policy-oriented marine Environmental Research in the Southern EUropean Seas) Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 15:30
URL Programme for the Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Man-made and Natural Disasters in the ENPI East Region (PPRD East) Nataliya Jørgensen 27/06/2013, 15:45
URL Social and Economic Benefits of Enhanced Environmental Protection in the ENPI countries Nataliya Jørgensen 27/06/2013, 15:14
URL Strengthening the Local Authorities Role in the European Neighbourhood Region – Cooperation in Urban Development and Dialogue (CIUDAD Supporting Mechanism) Nataliya Jørgensen 27/06/2013, 15:22
URL Support to Kyoto Protocol Implementation, SKPI Nataliya Jørgensen 27/06/2013, 15:44
URL Sustainable Water Integrated Management – Support Mechanism (SWIM-SM) Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 15:29
URL Sustainable integrated land use of Eurasian steppes Nataliya Jørgensen 27/06/2013, 15:24
URL The Black Sea Commission Nataliya Jørgensen 27/06/2013, 15:26
URL The League of the Arab States Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 15:37
URL The regional solid waste exchange of information and expertise network in Mashreq and Maghreb countries Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 15:45
URL Tour du Valat/ Mediterranean Water Observatory Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 15:31
URL Transboundary river management for the Kura river - Phase II Nataliya Jørgensen 27/06/2013, 15:14
URL UNECE Joint Task Force on Environmental Indicators (JTF) Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 16:02
URL UNECE Working Group on Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (WGEMA) Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 15:56
URL UNEP ROWA (Regional Office for West Asia) Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 15:53
URL UNEP Regional Office for Europe Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 16:05
URL Union for the Mediterranean Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 15:46
URL United Nations Statistical Division (UNSD) Dezso Mikus 29/10/2013, 16:04
URL Waste Governance – ENPI East Nataliya Jørgensen 27/06/2013, 15:23
URL Water Governance in Western EECCA Nataliya Jørgensen 27/06/2013, 15:22
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