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Management Group structure and tasks

The overall project coordination is ensured by a Management Group, bringing together nominated representatives from relevant European Commission services (DG DEVCO, ENV, ESTAT, JRC and RTD), EEAS and EEA project coordination team.

The Management Group assesses the status of the project implementation, discusses the main challenges and difficulties encountered and advises on the way forward. Furthermore, the Management Group should help EEA in the project implementation by facilitating necessary links with other relevant Commission projects and initiatives as well as by promoting the project results in various EU or international settings.

The Management Group members have also the role to keep EEA informed about new EU policy developments, partnerships or cooperation agreements in a way that the project outcomes are policy-relevant and able to contribute to these demands.

The Management Group meetings are held regulalry, usually about twice a year.

Meetings of the Management Group:

- 24 March 2010 (kick-off meeting)

26 May 2011 (teleconference)

18 November 2011 (teleconference) & 24 November 2011 (back-to-back with the Annual Steering Committee)

29 May 2012 (teleconference)

08 November 2012 (teleconference)

- 24 May 2013 (teleconference)

- September 2013 (back-to-back with the Annual Steering Committee)

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